Red and White Social - February 2015

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March 2015 Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

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St Patrick's Day2015 - Tuesday Class

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St Patrick's Day 2015 - Wednesday Class

Photo p1010539.jpg

Spring Social - Under the Sea - April 2015

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May 2015 Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

Also Stephanie's Birthday

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July 2015 Tea Dance

Photo p7050598.jpg

July 2015 Party - Stripes Theme

Photo p7220630.jpg

November 2015 Tea Dance

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2015 Christmas Party

Photo p1010703.jpg Photo p1010706.jpg

Red Heart Social - February 2016

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April 2016 Social - 70's Theme

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May 2016 - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

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July 2016 - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

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Flowers Evening Social - July 2016

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2016 Christmas Socials - Tuesday Morning and Lunch

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2016 Christmas Socials - Wednesday Evening

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Valentine's Social 2017

Photo p2151187.jpg

May 2017 Social

Photo p2051249.jpg

August 2017 Summer Party (White Theme)

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November 2017 Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

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Christmas 2017 Socials - Tuesday Morning and Lunch

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Christmas 2017 Socials - Wednesday Evening

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June 2018 - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

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Summer Social July 2018 - Pyjama Party

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October 2018 - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

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Christmas 2018 - Tuesday Class and Lunch

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Christmas 2018 - Wednesday Evening Social

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Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance - February 2019

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Class before Valentines Day 2019

Photo p1000511b.jpg

Class the week of St Patrick's Day 2019

Photo p1000524a.jpg

April 2019 - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

Photo 20190407_172159.jpg Photo 20190407_172214.jpg

Easter 2019

Photo p1000527.jpg

St George's Day 2019

Photo 20190424_200022.jpg

Brenda's 90th Birthday - April 2019

Photo 20190424_195658.jpg Photo 20190424_195836.jpg

Steps'n'Stetsons 18th Birthday - Class - May 2019

Photo p1000530.jpg Photo p1000534b.jpg

Summer Social July 2019 - Black and White Theme

Photo p1000583.jpg

Class the Day Before Halloween 2019

Photo p1000819_halloween.jpg

Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance - Nov 2019

Photo p1000821.jpg

Christmas 2019 Tuesday Morning Social

Photo 20191217_105531.jpg

Christmas 2019 Wednesday Evening Social - Christmas Tree Theme

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