February 2023 - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance - British Heart Foundation/Valentine's Theme

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Cicely is now a life member of SnS - March 2023

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Classes the week of St Patrick's day - March 2023

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Classes during the week before Easter - April 2023

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Classes celebrating St George's Day - April 2023

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May 2023 - 22nd Anniversary/Coronation Party

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June 2023 - Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance

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July 2023 - Professions Social

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October 2023 - Bournemouth Weekend with Gary O'Reilly and Andy Arizona

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November 2023 - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

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November 2023 - Bournemouth Weekend with Jamie Barnfield, Michael Lynn, Sammi Lee Bassey and Billy Curtis

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Monday and Tuesday Classes before Christmas 2023

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Christmas Social 2023

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