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December 2022 - Tea Dance for Sally

On Saturday 3rd December we held a Silly Hat Tea Dance to remember, and celebrate the life of our dear friend Sally Gunnee. Sally tragically passed away on 24th November following a car accident the previous evening.
Sally was a much loved member of our club. She had been dancing with us for many years, and helped with taking the money for almost as long. She was always willing to help, from decorating the halls, bringing balloons, serving cake at the tea dances to packing away after and carrying bags. We will remember Sally with a smile for her love of dressing up on our themed events and weekends away. From pirates, to leprechauns and Christmas elves, we always looked forward to seeing her outfits, especially her wigs and silly hats.
We will miss her smile and her infectious enthusiasm (and yee-haw's) during classes and socials.
We will miss her stories of the rich, full and varied life she had lived, from nursing and go-karting, to life on the cruise ship, not forgetting holidays and days out with family and friends. Throughout it all, her love of animals shone through, especially cats and horses.
Sally wrote beautifully decorated cards for every celebration and lovely thank you cards. She was kind and thoughtful, cheeky and cheerful, vivacious and fun loving.
Sally was one of a kind, and will forever be in our hearts
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