Recent Weekends Away

Site Map - Extra Photos

The following are extra photos in addition to ones in the drop down menu.

Site Map - List of menu pages

Here is the complete menu list for anyone who has a browser that will not show the drop down menus properly, or who just wants to see the whole list anyway. By the wonders of PHP it should stay the same as the drop down list.

If you want to tell us how your brower doesn't display the menus correctly the webmasters email address is on the Contact page.

Site Map - Other Events

The following are events some club members attended which are not on the main pages.

Older Photos

To make room for more recent events, only selections of the 2009-2018 photos are now on the main pages. The original per event pages are listed below.

Photos from 2008

We have now added photos from some events before we set up the web site, as follows.

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